Sunday, May 3, 2009

Random Bits of Germany

I've been driving in Germany for a couple of months. Now, many of the road signs are similar to those in the US. Others I remember from my Germany drivers course and many I don't remember but are intuitive enough that I can figure them out. Then there is this sign:
Does it mean "Frog crossing", "Yield for frogs", "Caution: slippery when frogs", "Froggy weather possible" or as Dave suggested "Danger: killer frogs". I'm sure this sign makes perfect sense to Germans, but it is one of the great mysteries of Germany to me. Then I saw this sign:
I fondly like to think this version means "Holy Crap! Frogs!"
This is one me and Dave saw for the first time together. Wow, I was joking about the slippery when frogs suggestion, but now I'm wondering. Seriously, there is only so many ways a sane person could interpret this sign and all of them imply slipping and frogs. I'm speechless now.

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