Friday, May 15, 2009

Residence in Wuerzburg

When Dave was looking for a job in Germany (I think this was in March), we went to see the Residence in Wuerzburg. It was beautiful. Unfortunately, they don't allow pictures be taken of the inside. That sucks because I would have really liked to show you some of the awesome stuff there is to see. It was still cold when we went so there wasn't much growing in the garden, but we got some nice pictures. This first one is of the palace from a raised area in the garden:
This place is enormous and so is the garden. We plan on seeing it again sometime in the summer.

I really liked this next pictures because these two ducks are really cute. Since it was cold, they had their bills stuffed into their features:

This last picture is of two silly ducks, but they are still cute together too:

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