Friday, May 15, 2009

Random stuff and wedding random stuff

I got a package from my mom today which included some pictures from my brother's wedding. There were some pictures of me and Dave and two of me and my siblings in a silly pose. I really like them all (Thanks mom!).

Me and Dave are trying to figure out who is going to take pics at our wedding. Dave has a very nice camera but he kind of needs to be in the wedding. The next person to come to mind is Cat but I also require her to be in the wedding. I'm not sure how much it would cost to pay someone and I'm not sure I want to know especially since things tend to be more expensive over here and a photographer is general not cheap. I'm sure we'll figure something out but any suggestions is also greatly appreciated.

Next weekend is a four day so me and Dave are going to start looking for places for the wedding. I'm thinking maybe somewhere in the Black Forest and Dave is thinking maybe we can try the "Cinderella" castle. We'll probably pick a few spots and see what we can get.

On other random stuff news, my garden is doing well. So far we've enjoyed radishes, spinach, and lettuce. This is all stuff that grows quickly and in cool weather.

Once when I was younger and had a garden, my dad bought some lettuce to grow. Well, instead of heads of lettuce, we ended up with like 3' lettuce stalks with few leaves. That seemed an awfully unnatural state for lettuce and I avoided growing lettuce afterwards. Though since I've learned that in hot weather (say South Carolina summers for example) lettuce bolts. Bolts means the lettuce goes to seed and when does it grows into a tall stalk (which means I didn't have mutant lettuce to my great relief). Germany weather is great for lettuce. We have the loose leaf kind so when we want a salad we just pick some leaves off and they grow back.

The spinach I grew for Dave because he told me that he liked to make spinach salads. Well, I learned that I liked spinach too. Spinach is definitely one case where growing it is better than what you can buy in the store. Even the baby spinach is pretty bland from the store. I also find spinach is better on hot sandwiches that lettuce because while hot, wilted lettuce is just gross, spinach actually taste good that way.

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