Sunday, April 5, 2009

Because blogging is easier than letters...

I've decided the easiest way to keep everyone updated is through a blog. Ok, here goes nothing. Last week my loving mom sent me some money and I've been doing my best to spend it all in one weekend. It's all good though because now I have some nice stuff for my apartment. It started with me wanting to buy furniture but not knowing where the furniture store were. Alot of people get stuff from Ikea but I wasn't sure that was the kind of furniture I wanted. Anyway, ACS has alot of informational booklets about Germany and I remember one had stuff about shopping. So I'm looking through it and there is a wicker store called Krines. I figured I would get some furniture for my little patio and the booklet said it was opened Saturday so I went. Their wicker stuff is more upscale than I was expecting. All their outdoor stuff was either too big or not my style, but I did find some stuff for the apartment. I bought two screens and a chair for 307 euro. It was a little pricey, but it was a good deal considering how expensive "cheap" furniture is here in Germany. Everything in stock was 30% off and I used my VAT form so I didn't have to pay the fGerman tax of 19%. (In German stores, the price listed includes the tax. So I had to pay 366 euro then use the VAT form to get about 58 euro back).
Here is the first screen I bought. It was originally 185 euro. It's just chilling in my living room right now until I figure out where I want it.

Here is the second screen I bought. It was originally 131 euro. It's in in my kitchen and holds my two orchids and a coffee grinder ( I bought because it was cute, I don't drink coffee). Not sure yet what I'm going to put in the other three baskets but I'm sure I'll find something.

Here is the chair I bought. It is wicker and leather. It was originally 208 euro. I think it's a really cool design.

That's all for this post because my laptop battery is about to die and I'm not at a place I can charge it. Tomorrow I will talk about German flea markets (which are AWESOME). Also tomorrow I shop more. Wheeeee!!

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