Sunday, April 12, 2009

Me and Dave

Dave has finally joined me in Germany. I'm very happy I have someone to help me clean dishes again. ;-) Saturday we went to some flea markets together and bought some more furniture and other stuff. We got an awesome hutch for only 129 euro. I have to schedule a time to get it delivered and once that happens, we will take some pictures. We also expanded our garden with a cherry tomato, a spicy pepper (I don't know what kind because the lady at the gardening place only knew limited English and I know even less German), and two lettuce plants.

Here is a pic of our ever expanding garden. We have a ton of dwarf fruit trees. We have an olive tree, peach tree, nectarine tree, cherry tree, apple tree, little orange tree (citrus mitis), lemon tree, and a kumquat tree. We also have two currant bushes (similar to a cranberry but less tart), some radishes and carrots, herbs, bush bean (similar to a green bean but mine is a yellow bean), spinach, and a sweet pepper. Some we bought as plants and some I'm growing from seeds. Dave wants more lettuce plants.

Today we are going to buy some stuff for the kitchen then go relax for the rest of the day. Dave has some nice pictures from our exploits which I will put up soon.

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