Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kaltenhof Finds

So last Saturday I decide to check out my first German flea market. I used the little ACS booklet again. I decided to go to the Kaltenhof one. The booklet didn't give an address and the directions were not enough for me to find it on my own. I soon learn that my GPS will give directions with just the city so with that and some vague directions I manage to get to Kaltenhof Farm. I do have to say that any directions that include the words "drive past the castle" are pretty cool. State side, you usually get something like "At the Wal-mart..." but never anything about castles. Anyway the stuff at the flea market or "Floh Markt" was a wide range of new and old. There was some really good priced furniture. Stuff that would cost hundreds of euro was around or under a hundred euro. Most of the stuff was too big for me or not my style, but what I did find was two stone coffee tables. I'm not sure why I need two coffee tables but they were only 15 euro each.
This one will be used as a coffee table. I don't know what kind of stone it is other than it is green and heavy.
The one is also a green, heavy stone. This table is a bit taller so I think I will use for the tv once me and Dave buy one.

This table is going to be the kitchen table. It was 60 euro. It's a little beat up but we'll call that rustic charm. It's pretty small as is but it has extensions for each side. For everyday use for me and Dave it's a good size as is. I think this table was hand made because the construction is very basic. There is a draw on the side of the table and the dovetails are not the same size. It's very sturdy though.

I also ended buying an old sewing cabinet. I don't have a pic for it but it's singer sewing machine and it's foot powered. I paid 30 euro for it and it's another piece of heavy furniture. I may have to hook it all just to see if it will still sew.

I'm pretty excited by my flea market finds. Next time I'll talk about the washing cabinet I bought.

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