Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gochsheim Finds

This is the last post for today. In Gochsheim village was where the next flea market I went to after the Kaltenhof one. It was pricier but nicer stuff too. I fell in love with this cabinet.

If what the guy told was true then this was a washing cabinet from the 1890s. It is pine construction with walnut veneer and a marble top. I paid 280 euro for it which is alot for one piece but I really like. Dave likes it too. It is at the end of the hall and I think I will store extra towels and stuff in it. Dave likes to use it to set his keys on. I will have to get some bowl or basket for that.
Here is a spinning wheel for yarn. I got it for obvious reasons. It was either 20 or 30 euro. I picked it because I liked the wood. He said it was the oldest one he had. It was crusted with enough dirt for me to believe it. It's pretty small so I wonder if it was for a child or if they are just made in this size. I can tell there has been at least one repair to it. It's definitely a nice display piece if nothing else.
This is an etched picture of two boats. It was 5 euro. This is my dad's influence on me because he really likes boats and I thought this picture was cool. That reminds me, I finally read the book "A Voyage for Madmen" (I think that is what it is called) and it is a really good book, but it deserves it's own post so I will talk more about that later.

I took Dave to the Gochsheim place yesterday. We didn't see anymore furniture that we liked, but we got some lab glassware stuff and some other small things. The garden place that we got the lettuce is just across the street from this place. I think Dave likes the garden place even more. He took some pictures of the flowers there. Next week, I will talk more about our adventures and have pics too.

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